Trek to a Better Life

Eat Healthier, Practice the Guitar, Go For a Run. Whatever it is, make it happen with MYCLYMB.

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matterhorn mountain height progress

Reach new heights

Improving your life starts with identifying achievable, daily actions that become positive long-term habits. MYCLYMB is an app that helps you stay accountable to those daily achievements while having fun along the way.

5 item list to improve your life

Create a simple plan

Identify 5 things that would propel you towards your goals if you did them everyday.

climbing a mountain and reaching a milestone height

Track your progress

Complete daily actions to work your way up iconic mountains, reaching milestones and collecting bonuses as you go.

summary report of progress for the week

Get feedback and support

Compare your progress week by week, and receive the occasional motivational push you need to keep climbing.